ABOUT STEP THREE construction

We have been involved with the construction of a broad range of unique and exceptional buildings, ranging from the ancient to the ultra modern, both large and small.

We draw upon the many years of experience and knowledge within our team of experts to guide our clients through the build process, from conception through to completion.

We strongly believe that detailed conversations at the outset and ongoing communication throughout the project enable us to establish our clients’ aims and work with them to determine the best way to deliver their dream project.

We believe that we are more than just a builder, we are specialists within the residential construction industry and our aim is to create beautiful homes that meet the high demands of our clients, enhancing their lifestyles whilst adding tangible value.

Our building process

These are what we consider to be the three main phases of any project. Each of these stages receives the same level of scrutiny and detailed attention to ensure a smooth transition between the phases.

We have created this philosophy as the backbone of our standard construction model and we ensure that it forms the foundation of every project we undertake. However, it remains fully flexible to adapt to any aspect of our clients’ bespoke requirements.

We are always happy to meet prospective clients without charge to offer straightforward building advice and an idea of cost.



We believe the principles of good planning remain constant. In addition to detailed planning we believe our considerable building experience will ensure that the design of any building works together with any associated constraints make for a successful project.

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The most important part of any project is delivering our client an unrivalled level of service, care and consideration. To execute a project in this manner, maintaining outstanding value for money and delivering a level of craftsmanship that surpasses other builders in our sector can only come through employing the best tradesmen, careful buying, minimising waste and complete efficiency throughout the planning stage.

We have found that by adopting this philosophy generally reduces the stress and inconvenience of having building work carried out, as well as giving the most pleasing end result. Where possible we try to source local materials and we use sustainable timber.

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We guarantee our work and there is a commitment to resolve any issues that may arise as quickly as possible, with the minimum fuss. All of our work is inspected and signed off, either by the local authority building inspector, or by another suitably qualified specialist organisation.

Furthermore, as part of the handover process our project manager will provide a file containing all guarantee paperwork, copies of finishing schedules and will also provide training on equipment and appliances installed if necessary. 

Customer Service is Paramount

Every building project is different, however each project remains constant in one area and that is the care and consideration towards our client.

Understanding our clients and being sensitive to their personal needs and keeping disruption to a minimum is absolutely paramount to us.

We find by keeping our clients involved with each step of their project gives them the best possible experience and engages all of the key stakeholders in the process.

We strive to deliver our clients exceptional value for money and a level of service rarely experienced within the building trade.

Step Three Customer Service