How are we using Audio/Visual Technology?

As a #builder of luxury homes we have noticed an increased shift in demand from our clients for the installation of high-end audio/visual hardware and systems within their homes. We have now started to plan an AV install into every new build we undertake; so that we can integrate and build smart in right from the start. By doing this we can harmonise every appliance, system and security requirement by building it right into the heart of your new home.

Why do we need home automation?

The main reason for home automation is that it enables the user to control all of their systems from anywhere in the home. This means by connecting all of the source equipment into a centralised comms rack by hard wiring into a network you will be able to monitor your heating, view your CCTV cameras remotely, switch on your washing machine or switch off the lights from your smartphone or tablet. Nowadays these types of devices seldom leave our pockets or handbags because our lives are now online and everything has an app!

Home Networking

We would always advise our client to install a hard wired home network as part of the electrical wiring installation, even if they have no intention of using it straight away. This not only future proofs the home but also minimises the need for a myriad of WiFi bandwidth and negates the need for additional range extenders or access points.

Distributing HDMI & 4K across CAT6

There are many ways to do this and there are also many pieces of hardware available to achieve this, however we have found that the best solution to distribute HDMI and even 4K source signals across your home network is by installing a digital matrix system manufactured by a company called Pulse-Eight

Pulse-Eight are multi-award winning industry leading developers of Video/Audio control and distribution systems, and they have been around since 2010 and they do all of their own manufacturing.

Pulse-Eight NEO Matrix System

Pulse-Eight NEO Matrix System

By using their NEO matrix system we have been able to send any HDMI source to any TV installed on our client's network. This also means that they only need to purchase one piece of hardware as you can send it's signal anywhere you wish.

We have found this piece of kit amazing, so easy to use and setup and our clients love it also. Why not find out more about Pulse-Eight products and what they can do by visiting their website HERE or by watching their video below.