Step Three were commissioned to undertake the demolition of an existing dwelling and rebuild with a single-storey 4-bedroom contemporary bungalow with adjoining state-of-the-art recording studio.


The first stage of the project was to demolish the existing structure, concrete foundations and pour new footings and slab to suitable depth and levels. Groundworks began with digging out and installing new foul drainage with the provision to run out to a Klargester in the adjoining field. A brick plinth and block and beam floor was constructed in such away that it would eliminate the transfer of sound from the studio into the residential side of the house.

Our client wanted us to provide an eco-friendly solution of heating the property. This will be achieved using the latest technology in underfloor heating, which will be fed using an air source heat pump. The system will be smart enabled allowing our client monitor accurate heat demand and control using app enabled mobile software. This, coupled with the installation of SMART system aluminium thermally broken windows will enable the finished structure achieve excellent U-Value, which will in turn save on generation of heat.

There are a number of challenges when it comes to constructing a recording studio, ranging from acoustic treatment to signal and power distribution. Our design offers the recording facility with radial circuitry providing clean and noiseless power distribution and also a modular approach to audio signal using custom multi-pin connectors for the delivery of audio back to the recording control room and mixing console.

There will be a host of new and modern sustainable materials that will provide a contemporary look whilst being sympathetic to the aesthetics and surroundings for which the property is located.

Step Three Construction are excited to be a part of the project and have the freedom to offer our expertise and consult with our client to achieve the desired finished product.


Progress gallery

The project is currently still in progress. You can view the progress below in the image gallery.